Kwyn Townsend Riley “Kwynology” is a poet, speaker, and blogger from the Southside of Chicago. She has been writing for as long as she could remember, first performed on the mic in high school and has been in love ever since. Her writing helps others heal as well as herself.  As a black womyn, she has experienced many poems to preach on ; racism, racialzied violence, womanism, gentrification and womanhood. She has performed all across the world from Germany to California. She has completed university tours through out the Midwest and in Chicago she has performed for SoFar Chicago, the #LetUsBreatheCollective and many more.

Kwyn is an author of two books “And She Wrote” and “and She Will”.


Kwyn is a lifestyle blogger that often features art/culture.  All of her “lessons” are tools that she hopes other black queer millennials  can use in their life! Her wit and humor is inspired by the greats such as Erma Bombeck. Make sure to check out her blog on this website.


As a Chicagoan, Kwyn channels her Southside experiences into her writing. Audiences have referring to her writing as “inspirational” and “eye- opening”. Most of her poems are center on many social justice issues including racism, sexism, rape culture and gun violence.  To Kwyn, poetry makes the truth sound beautiful and less painful. It serves reality a little warmer to those who are hopeless. She has released poetry videos on her youtube channel   that have gone viral. Her poetry has been featured in the Huffington Post, BLAVITY, ForHarriet, The Chicago Reader and a host of others. She has performed at many college campuses including but not limited to California State University at Monterey Bay, University of Cincinnati – Blue Ash and Denison University. Currently she hosts a monthly open mic at 1434 W 51st, The Breathing Room, every third Wednesday.


Kwyn is a known speaker that influences her community. She has delivered many sermons at Trinity United Church of Christ a church known for its involvement with social justice and other churches in Chicago. She has also been the keynote speaker for the Off the Sidelines Feminist Conference featured the  Chicago City Commissioner Bridget Gainer and many other places! Kwyn speaks about issues related to people of color and shines light on the issues that people often overlook.,

rinse and repeat – healing is a cycle. not a process

i have been through some shit. and the stench of trauma is still around me. i have never been so depleted. of purpose and love. i didn't know what to do and usually in these moments, i always ask my village. so i asked my loved ones :   "how did you get through your...

lesson 2: the best part of being broken, is the opportunity to repair.

I lied. I have been lying to my friend, family and all those who connect with me on social media. i pretended that i was okay. i laughed. i smiled. i put on my Oscar nominating performance hoping that no one could see me decomposing from the inside out. i have not...

lesson 4,336 : keep going

it has officially been a month and 8 days since I birthed my stillborn child. it has been a month and 2 weeks since I found out that my son David had died. time has moved so fast. when I wrote that blog post, I was okay, but there were still moments where I did not...


I have performed at schools, conferences, universities and churches. If you need a poet, some millennial magic, or someone to write a poem for your event, feel free to contact me!

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