There are all kinds of places that you can find my words.


Upcoming Shows

“and She will” Book Release



Come to the silver room, 1452 E 52nd Street, Chicago Illinois 60628, to celebrate the release of the anticipated sophomore collection of poems “and she will”. 


See my words


One Eve to Another: Filmed by Sonia Jourdain @jour.dai


Windy: Filmed by Sonia Jourdain @jour.dai

A Mother’s Wish & The PWI 10 Commandments: videography by gabrielle boltz of gabriell.e.lizabeth studios

PWI 10 Commandments
(videography by gabrielle boltz)
A Mother’s Wish

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I have performed at schools, conferences, universities and churches. If you need a poet, some millennial magic, or someone to write a poem for your event, feel free to contact me!

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